one by one
you plucked blackberries
from their branches
and let their juice
seep into your tongue
as if they blossomed
to please you


what if i am an illusion
of painted gardens on canvas
roses and sunflowers and sage
and the rain never comes
what if flowers wilt
in my hands
before becoming bouquets
what if i am oxygen
and on an exhale
you forget
to inhale me again


"no strings attached"
so i took up archery
i’m still learning how to sew
my words together
i love you's
twisted around my ankles
could shoot an arrow
to the sun


i was once mistaken
about the simplicity
of our flesh and bones
as if we are
a two hundred and six piece puzzle
deficient in grandiosity
as if we are not tightly wound
with nervous systems
transmitting neurons
we assemble blood cells
in bone marrow
but my framework
lacks dexterity
so i pave my veins
with concrete
and weave lace
between my teeth
to catch my words
before i speak
i do not want
to mistake you
for a vacant skeleton
i once collided with


nectar dripped
from your lips–
you tasted
like gardens
i had dreamt
of growing


the beautiful thing
about love–
it’s not a fairy tale.

hey there, thank you for reading! this is part of a poetry collection i've been working on, aiming to launch this year. i'm excited to share it with you. please feel free to get in touch with any feedback or just to say hi! hello@alicianapierkowski.com

© 2018, alicia napierkowski.
don't steal. it's not nice, and i'll find you.