Your wedding invitations are the first element of your wedding day that your loved ones will receive, and can set the tone for your celebration. Each detail should be a reflection of your unique and beautiful love story.

Please fill out this form to the best of your ability– don’t worry about the details you haven’t finalized yet! This is just a way for us to begin chatting about the creative process, and to allow me to provide you an accurate estimate. I look forward to hearing from you!

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This is totally optional, but I believe your stationery is meant to be as beautiful and unique as your love and I'd love to know what makes you two, you!
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The Invitations:
My base invitation suite includes a digitally printed, one-sided, 100% cotton paper A7 invitation with an envelope, and a digitally printed, one-sided 100% cotton paper 4bar RSVP card with envelope.
Usually about half of your guest count, or one per household.
If you're comfortable sharing, this just helps me to best accommodate your requests pertaining to your budget, and let you know what may be adjusted to make this happen!
Colors, style, lettering, florals, designs, etc! The sky's the limit.
Upgrades + Add-ons:
Hotel accommodations, directions, reception information, wedding website and/or registry info.
Calligraphed then scanned/edited and digitally printed on your invitations and/or RSVP cards/RSVP envelopes.
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